Brooklyn Crescents Lacrosse works to educate the community at large about the sport of lacrosse. One way the organization does this is by teaching lacrosse at after-school programs throughout the boroughs.

Our After-school Program is a 10 session program that introduces elementary, middle school and high school students around NYC to the sport of lacrosse.  Students are taught the history of the game, the evolution of the game, and lacrosse basics with both boy’s and girl’s lacrosse sticks.

Because Lacrosse is new to most students, it is a sport that offers an “even playing field” and engages students who might not participate in organized sports or tend to shy away from participating . In each school we’ve gone into, we’ve seen kids who have lacked interest in traditional team sports form an immediate passion for the sport.

Crescents After-School Program

Uninhibited by preset expectations of the sport and their skill level, kids are engaged, encouraged and free to have fun - learning through the experience alongside their peers. The innovative program gives girls and boys a chance:

  • To discover something new

  • To be part of an emerging sport

  • To be engaged

  • To have fun  

For information on how to bring the program to your school or community, contact Jen Nardi at 929.276.2252 or


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